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Mr Michael Thomas

Kents Hill Junior School


Online Safety

Online and Esafety Policy

Kents Hill Junior School – An E-Safe Community 

As you will be fully aware, the internet has become a powerful tool to connect people and to share ideas and opinions. In recent years, social networking sites such as Facebook have grown in popularity and many people use them to communicate with family, friends and others. 

The vast majority of people who use social networking show respect in their communication with others and this is something that we must encourage to show our children that we are positive ‘digital role models’. Unfortunately, as in all aspects of society, there are people who disregard the rules set and will use social networking sites irresponsibly to stalk, harass or denigrate others. 

Recently, there have been a number of high-profile cases in the media where people have used the internet in this way and these have been investigated by the police and, in some instances, have led to criminal prosecutions. 

As a school, we encourage parents to support us with the education and wellbeing of their children. If at any time, you feel that there is an issue regarding your child’s education or welfare, you should make an appointment with me or a member of my Senior Leadership Team. I guarantee we will do our upmost to find a resolution. 

In consultation with the Governing Body, staff and pupils we have created a proactive approach to E-Safeguarding and E-Safety in order to ensure that our school community is completely protected.  

  1. We will ensure that all pupils receive a comprehensive E-Safety curriculum with regular updates.
  2. We will hold annual workshops for parents and carers to help you keep your children E-Safe at home.
  3. We will treat any access by any pupil to inappropriate websites or games as a child protection issue.
  4. We compel any member of the community to report to the school any use of social networking sites by anybody to criticise or make malicious or unsubstantiated comments about any of our staff or pupils.
  5. In the event of the school receiving proof of any untrue or damaging comments made on social networking sites about any member of the school community we will look to prosecute individuals or groups under current law (1988 Malicious Communication Act, 1997 Protection From Harassment Act and/or the 2003 Communication Act).

In light of this, I have updated the current ‘Home-School Agreement’ to include a section about the complaints procedures in school and I would be grateful if you could read, sign it and return it to school. 

Thank you for your continued support. 


Miss H Nash                                       Mr N Alston

Head of School                                  Chair of Governors




Please be aware that these videos will be shared with pupils in an assembly in the next 2 weeks – any parent with an objection to this may contact the school office who will ensure a member of the school leadership team contacts them to discuss this.       24/02/16