Kents Hill Road, Benfleet, Essex SS7 5PS


Mr Michael Thomas

Kents Hill Junior School


Week beginning 14.1.19

This week Year 4 having been focusing on Russia, we have looked at and discussed different styles of Russian architecture. The children then thought about the different shapes, lines of symmetry and angles which were involved on the buildings and how they were used. After that, the children learnt a range of different sketching skills including drawing shapes, forms and shading to show light coming from different places. Finally we sketched the school in the style of Russian architecture. Below is a finished sketch. 


In Science this week, the children explored how sound travels through different mediums. First they discussed how sound can travel through gas. Then we experimented how sound can travel through a liquid by tapping pebbles together underwater using a hydrophone. Finally the children experimented if sound will travel through a solid using a string telephone. 



Week beginning 10.12.18

In Year 4 this week the children have been creating ocean soundscapes using a variety of percussion instruments. They have discussed different musical vocabulary, such as tempo, duration, beat and pitch. The children experimented with different instruments, planned their performance and used a range of techniques to represent a calm ocean and a stormy ocean musically.  

Also, they have spent time this week preparing mince pies for their adults to enjoy when they come in next week. The children have used fresh ingredients to make the mincemeat and pastry for their Christmassy treats.  

Thank you for sending in mixing bowls and containers at the last minute this week, and thank you for your support throughout this term.  

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from all of the Year 4 team and all of the Year 4 children!

Week beginning 03.12.18 

In Year 4 this week we have been thinking about ways to reduce plastic pollution. Specifically, we have been writing persuasive letters, hoping to encourage them to stop producing so many plastic packets every year. At the beginning of next week, we will be drafting our letters formally so that we can send them to Walkers!  

We have learnt about a range of different persuasive features, including rhetorical questions and emotive language. We have thought about how we can try to have a big impact on our reader and get them thinking about how their behaviour affects the environment. 


Week beginning 26.11.18 

In Year 4 this week the children have had their termly assessments in Reading and Maths. They have been working hard to demonstrate their learning throughout this term and achieve the best they possibly can. 


Apart from the assessments, the children have been learning about creative ways of reusing plastic this week. We have looked closely at some innovative ideas, focusing mainly on the British artist Jane Perkins. The children have been creating their own sea creature art pieces using a range of recycled materials, considering how they can use different colours to create tone and contrast. 


Thank you all for sending in washed plastics over the past week, it is hugely appreciated!'

Week beginning 19.11.18 

This week we have been preparing information texts about plastic pollution and its impact on our world. We have conducted some research about plastic pollution, focusing on how it affects the environment and wildlife. 



4JR also delivered their class assembly this week, demonstrating all of their learning from the first half term. They particularly enjoyed sharing their knowledge of our Space topic. 


Next week, we will be exploring how plastic can be reused in creative ways. In preparation for a range of Art activities, we are asking for children to bring in any colourful plastic - such as plastic bags, sweet wrappers, crisp packets, bottles etc. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated. Please could any food packaging be washed before it is sent into school, for hygiene reasons.' 

Week beginning 12/11/2018

This week in year 4 we have been looking at materials and their properties, in particular what happens to water when it is heated and cooled.

We have carried out a few experiments. One was to see which conditions affected evaporation. We placed beakers of salt water around the classroom in different environments. These were a warm place, a cool place, a light place and a dark place. We found out that heat helps evaporation to happen quickly as more water had evaporated from that beaker than the others.

Week beginning 5/11/2018 

In Year 4 this week we have been preparing narrative poems about Flotsam, focusing on using a range of figurative language. 

On Tuesday, we participated in the Roots to Food Roadshow, learning about healthy eating. Four of the children competed in a 'Ready-Steady-Cook' style challenge to make two healthy dishes from different parts of the world. 


We have also spent time this week reflecting on Remembrance Day and the centenary of the First World War. In class, we have been working with clay to make poppies, as well as making plastic bottle poppies as part of the whole-school display.

Week beginning 29.10.18

This week in Year 4 we begun our exciting new topic Plastic Pollution. On Tuesday 30th October Year 4 went on a trip to Concord beach on Canvey Island. We met the Year 4 class from Lubbins Park Primary Academy and walked to the beach. We met Colin from the Friends of Concord Beach charity who told us about the work he does keeping the beach clean for the public. We then spent some time cleaning up the beach and looking at different types of litter. 

Autumn 1

This half term, the children have settled well into Year 4 and have enjoyed the responsibility of supporting younger members of our school to settle in. 

We were amazingly impressed by the quality of the children’s summer holiday homework.



They began their Space topic by investigating an alien crash landing on the school field! 

The children developed their team work skills when making and launching rockets.  Mr Falvey and Miss Jackson got very wet!